Welcome to the Amarillo High Plains Drifters Hang Gliding Club website.  This site provides you with information about hang gliding around the Amarillo, Texas area.  It also has many hang gliding photos and videos.  There is also a section on the history of hang gliding, how to get started in hang gliding and a list of hang gliding clubs located across the USA.  As a special treat, we have included some short training videos related to hang gliding, gathered from across the World Wide Web.

Feel free to take a look at our web site and please leave us any feedback about the site and your interest in hang gliding or being a participant at any events.  This would include learning to help tow hang glider pilots up into the air using our towing system.

One note of caution, hang gliding can result in serious injuries including death, as can most things in life.  You are strongly encouraged to learn to hang glide only from certified hang gliding instructors in order to minimize your chances of injury, increase your understanding of the sport and to receive the most enjoyment from hang gliding.

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Email:  mijyppah@amaonline.com

Click on the USHGA YouTube video above to watch an overview of modern hang gliding.

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